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Transform disruptions in your supply chain into opportunities with smarter business networks that use AI and blockchain capabilities


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Real-time intelligence

AI trained in supply chain provides end-to-end visibility, real-time alerts and recommendations that can be automated for self-correcting actions to drive better business outcomes.


Trusted connectivity, built to scale

Multi-enterprise business networks provide frictionless, secure, 24x7x365 connectivity and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers.


Hybrid cloud to extend previous investments

Enterprise-ready containerized software allows you to extend the value and reach of existing applications and data while avoiding time-consuming and expensive migrations.

Order management solutions

Order management

Deliver the perfect order with a complete omnichannel order fulfillment platform.

Inventory promising

Sophisticated inventory promising to create next-generation omnichannel experiences.

Order fulfillment

Improve omnichannel profitability with cognitive intelligence to minimize total cost-to-serve.

Configure, price, quote

Automate configuration, pricing and quoting of complex products and services.

Supply chain visibility solutions

Supply chain control tower

Go beyond visibility to orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain network.

Inventory visibility

Get accurate views of inventory and stock to deliver on business goals and customer expectations.

Digital store operations

Empower store associates to provide superior customer service, enhance customer loyalty and increase cart size.

Supplier management solutions

Partner onboarding

Enable efficient, automated onboarding and management of partners, suppliers and customers.

Data transformation

Automate complex transformation and validation of data between various formats and standards.

Blockchain for food supply

Join a collaborative network with a modular solution built on blockchain designed to enhance visibility and accountability across the food supply chain.

Supply chain transparency

Build your own blockchain ecosystem to share data with your supply chain partners in a more trusted and efficient way.

Business network solutions

Supply chain collaboration

Engage with customers, partners and suppliers through security-rich, cloud-based connectivity with market-leading AI and blockchain capabilities.

B2B integration

Automate B2B processes across enterprises and consolidate transactions on a single, always-on B2B platform.

File gateway

Consolidate file transfers on a single platform with a scalable, secure and always-on edge-based gateway.

Enterprise file transfer solutions

Secure file transfer

Share and track mission-critical information in your enterprise and trading partner network with a fast, scalable, market-leading file transfer platform.

Enterprise file transfer

Enable security-hardened, point-to-point file transfers for high-volume delivery of files within and among enterprises.

B2B governance and compliance

Extend governance over critical B2B integration and managed file transfer (MFT) exchanges to proactively address compliance.

Supply chain services

Take your supply chain to the next level to minimize the impact of disruptions while maximizing operational effectiveness. IBM experts can help you build an adaptable and resilient supply chain.

Sterling case studies

JOANN Stores pivots its supply chain

IBM helped JOANN Stores quickly respond to COVID-19 challenges by scaling its supply chain to handle the surge in online orders.

JOANN Stores pivots its supply chain

IBM helped JOANN Stores quickly respond to COVID-19 challenges by scaling its supply chain to handle the surge in online orders.

JOANN Stores pivots its supply chain

IBM helped JOANN Stores quickly respond to COVID-19 challenges by scaling its supply chain to handle the surge in online orders.


Insight for supply chain leaders

Read about supply chain inventory control towers that can provide insights into the impact of external events that might cause disruptions and help you find alternate sources of inventory.

Manage disruption with an inventory control tower

Support for IT and developers

Access our open platform and developer hub for building tailored supply chain solutions and get support for the development lifecycle from our developer advocacy program.

Read about the Sterling Developer Hub

Supply chain solutions

Learn about solutions that help you act with speed and confidence to mitigate disruptions and build resilient supply chains.

Explore supply chain solutions

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