Sysdig Platform Architecture

Speed & Secure
Being a SaaS-first platform, you can now run containers, Kubernetes, and cloud fast and safe

Sysdig Platform Architecture


  • Vulnerability Management
  • Runtime Security
  • Network Security
  • Incident response
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Runtime Security
  • Network Security
  • Incident response


  • Kubernetes Monitoring
  • Prometheus Monitoring
  • eBPF Troubleshooting
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Custom Metrics

Service Vision

Context Enriches data with metadata from cloud providers, Kubernetes, and containers


Config and activity Consolidated view of cloud activity using cloud logs


Vulnerabilities Identify vulnerabilities across the SDLC and prioritize the ones that matter using runtime context


Granular visibility into container, network, application, & system activity

Built on an Open-Source Security Stack

We built the Sysdig platform on an open-source stack to accelerate innovation and drive standardization.

Falco is the open source standard for cloud native threat detection.

The Open Policy Agent is an open source policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across the stack.

Cloud Custodian is an open-source rules engine for cloud configuration management.

Sysdig OSS is the standard for cloud and container forensics.

Prometheus is an open source project for monitoring cloud-native applications & Kubernetes.

How Sysdig provide Unified Visibility Across Your DevOps Workflow

You can now have view across workloads and cloud infrastructure from a single cloud security and monitoring platform.

Compliance (PCI, NIST, SOC 2 and others)



IaC Validation

  1. Block risky configs
  2. Auto-remediate at the source



Vulnerability Management

  1. Scan in CI/CD and registries
  2. Block risky images
  3. Prioritize vulns using runtime context



Configure and Manage Permission

  1. Detect cloud misconfigurations
  2. Enforce least privilege access
  3. Use OPA to apply consistent policies

Threat Detection

  1. Use Falco to detect threats, drift, config changes, and runtime vulns
  2. Implement K8s native microsegmentation




  1. Capture detailed record for forensics
  2. Remediate config issues
  3. Block malicious activity

Yet Powerful

Single agent for hosts, containers, and Kubernetes.

Continuous cloud security running locally in your account.

SaaS delivery

Easy Setup- 5 mins delivery

No infrastructure to manage.

Reducedcomplexity and cost: No
hardware, maintenance, installation

Scale Easy

Scale with business needs and enirnment growth

Simplifiedsecurity and compliance —
managed by Sysdig in the cloud.

More Dev, less Ops

Save time with out-of-the-box dashboards and curated policies powered by the community.

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