Sysdig Monitor

Kubernetes and cloud monitoring with full Prometheus compatibility

Read 5 Keys for Scaling Prometheus



Prevent issues by monitoring performance and capacity

Easy Instrumentation

Deep Visibility

OOB Reports



Accelerate troubleshootingwith a single source of truth

Kubernetes Metric

Context Correlation

Alerts &Topologies


Scale Prometheus monitoringacross clusters and clouds

Scalable Backend

Long Term Storage

High Resolution

Need to Extend Prometheus Monitoring?

Dynamic, container-based environments can be a challenge for monitoring cloud-native applications. While Prometheus is gaining rapid developer adoption as the open-source monitoring standard, scaling beyond a few clusters can be challenging. Sysdig Monitor provides cloud scale monitoring to maximize performance and availability.

How you can extend Prometheus?


Build and manage Prometheus. Customize monitoring capabilities to fit your teams, applications, and cloud-native rollout.

Identify exporters to monitor applications and services from the open source community.

Gain visibility with metrics ingested every 10 seconds and limited retention for each Prometheus server.

Trial and error to understand what is important to monitor in a cloud-native context.

Secure Prometheus data connection and control access to the metrics on a server by server basis.

Consider these:

Configuration and Maintenance






Free up valuable resources with a completely vendor-supported OnPrem or SaaS solution that offers full Prometheus compatibility.

Access managed integrations for applications via PromCat, paired with the right dashboards and alerts.

Centralize on a scalable platform that offers millions of time series data with 10-second resolution and 13 months of retention.

Get access to deep container visibility with the ability to troubleshoot faster and proactively with service and container level context.

Use enterprise access controls like RBAC, SSO, LDAP or Sysdig Teams.

What to know more on scaling Promethus?

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Monitor containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services


  • Can’t effectively monitor
  • Unable to find root cause
  • Repeat issues & long MTTR
  • Inefficient & reactive teams
  • Can’t meet customer SLAs


  • Improved SLA
  • Reduced downtime & MTTR
  • Full visibility & effective IR
  • Improve efficiency of teams
  • Maximise performance & availability

Why Sysdig

  • Maximise performance & availability
  • Full understanding of complex cloud service interactions
  • K8s native Monitoring
  • Enterprise Grade Scale
  • Container & Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Required Capabilities

  • K8s & cloud-native deep visibility
  • Understand how services interact
  • Service-centric support
  • Troubleshooting workflows
  • Rich & relevant metrics

Installs in seconds. Provides deep visibility across containers, Kubernetes, and cloud.

Deep visibility into Kubernetes health & performance

Get high-level overviews of your clusters, pods, and namespaces, or dig deep by exploring metrics and topologies.

Pre-built dashboards help you get started quickly and alerts keep you informed of important events.

Sysdig Monitor is built for Kubernetes.

Collect custom metrics using Prometheus, StatsD, & JMX to increase visibility

Sysdig Monitor is the 1st commercially available cloud monitoring platform that is fully compatible with Prometheus including PromQL and exporters.

This gives developers a preferred, standard monitoring approach without the management headache.

Comprehensive root cause analysis & forensics

Issues are resolved faster by using granular data derived from low-level system calls, which are enriched with cloud and Kubernetes context.

Trigger captures of all your actual system calls when something goes wrong enabling faster RCA.

Collect custom metrics using Prometheus, StatsD, & JMX to increase visibility

You can now collect business and application metrics leveraging Prometheus, StatsD, or JMX.

Sysdig agent automatially collects Visualize custom metrics alongside infrastructure metrics for you.

Deep visibility for AKS, EKS, GKE, & cloud services

No matter which cloud service provider you are running on, you can now monitor your Kubernetes environment, integrate monitoring for cloud services using a standards based approach with enterprise support.

Now you can see the connections between the performance of your cloud infrastructure and the services that power your applications.

How It Works

Sysdig Monitor collects metrics about your environment from our eBPF based agent, Kubernetes, Prometheus, integrations, cloud services, and custom metrics. We then correlate and enrich those metrics so you can get maximum visibility to ensure application availability, performance, and fast problem resolution. With a prioritized list of issues, out-of-the-box dashboards, easy-to-use alerts, and simple integrations you can start quickly and scale simply to get more done.

Sysdig Monitor Features

Sysdig Monitor is the cloud monitoring tool you need to gain visibility into the infrastructure, applications, and services that drive your business. Get results quickly with out of the box Kubernetes infrastructure visualizations, cloud integrations, dashboards, and alerts.


Prometheus Compatibility

Sysdig delivers managed enterprise Prometheus monitoring with PromQL based dashboards and alerts ..



Use standard forms or PromQL-based dashboards to visualize the performances of your applications, containers...


Adaptive Alerts

Easily configure alerting across nodes, namespaces, clusters, metrics and tags. Send notifications to ServiceNow, ...


Kubernetes Troubleshootbles

With Advisor, you can troubleshoot Kubernetes problems 10X faster. Get a prioritized list ...


Sysdig Teams

Isolate and secure data and dashboards by team, user, customer or environment. Provide explicit access to containers...


Curated Prometheus Exporters

Save time with growing curated catalog of Prometheus monitoring integrations that offers configuration, support...

Complete access to all features and functions. No credit card required.

Complete access to all features and functions. No credit card required.

Start For Free

Simple, powerful instrumentation

Single agent for hosts, containers, and Kubernetes. Continuous cloud security running locally in your account.

SaaS delivery

No infrastructure to manage. Scale quickly as your environment grows.

Curated workflowse name

Save time with out-of-the-box dashboards and curated policies powered by the community.

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