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IaC Security

Scan for misconfigurations in laC templates. Auto-remediate at the source with a pull request

laC scanning (Terraform, Helm, Kustomize)


Runtime Security & IR

Detect threats based on Falco. Conduct forensics even after the container is gone

syscall detection

Kube-API detection

Activity audit

CloudTrail detection

Network security



Image Scanning

Scan for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across containers and hosts

CI/CD registry

Runtime scanning

Host scanning

CSPM, KSPM & Compliance

Manage cloud posture. Enforce compliance & governance in K8s based on OPA

CIS benchmarks

Compliance frameworks

Policy as code

Manage 1 Single View &
Remove all Blindspots.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

You can manage risk when configuring cloud infrastructure & shift security further left with Infrastructure as code (IaC) security.

Open Policy Agent (OPA) allows you to strengthen cloud and Kubernetes security, and compliance, by using policy as code.

Continuous Cloud Security Posture Management

Sysdig Scure allow you to gain consistent visibility of cloud security risk by flagging misconfigurations and suspicious activity.

You can now unify cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud threat detection.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management

You can now gain visibility into cloud identities and their permissions to access resources using a CIEM tool like Sysdig Secure.

Cloud & Container Compliance Solutions

Sysdig allows you to meet regulatory compliance standards for containers and cloud wth ease.

Save time with out-of-the-box policies that map to specific compliance controls and implement File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

Vulnerability management (container scanning and host scanning) tools

You can now automate CI/CD pipeline and registry scanning without images leaving your environment. At the same time, block vulnerabilities pre-production and monitor for new CVEs at runtime for containers and hosts.

Sysdig also automatically prioritize vulnerabilities based on runtime context, and map critical vulnerabilities for you

Threat Detection & Response

Sysdig allows you to secure containers, CaaS (AWS Fargate), Kubernetes, hosts and cloud infrastructure with out-of-the-box policies based on open source Falco.

Cloud Native Network Security

Sysdig supports a Zero Trust approach to container network security by allowing only required communication.

You can now Visualize all network communication between pods, services, and applications inside Kubernetes.

Container Forensics & Incident Response Solutions

Use Sysdig secure to conduct forensics and incident response for containers and Kubernetes to understand security breaches, meet compliance requirements and recover quickly.

Facilitates Incident response and container forensics for Kubernetes.

2021 Container Security and Usage Snapshot*

2020 saw an acceleration of cloud adoption that led to an increase in container usage. This increase, combined with the fact that half of containers live less than 5 minutes, reinforces the need to manage container-specific security risks. A majority of our customers scan images during the build stages, but we still see risky configurations. To run container applications with confidence, it’s important to address configuration risk, detect runtime threats, and ensure that a detailed recording of container activity is available for incident response and forensics. As we have done the past four years, we are sharing critical annual insights from real-time, real-world usage of nearly 1 billion unique containers that our customers have been running in our environment over the past year. Our goal is to shed light on the current state of container infrastructure, applications, security, and compliance practices.

* All the info Extract from Sysdig Website

Key 2021 Trends



of customers are scanning images duringthe CI/CD build stage


of containersrun as root


of containers liveless than 5 minutes

Open Source


increase inFalco adoption


growth of Prometheusmetric use


increase inusage of Go

Container Usage


increase incontainerdand CRI-O


growth in container density


increase in usage

Securing Kubernetes in Production

As Kubernetes scales up, security is the #1 challenge facing DevOps according to IDC Tech Brief

Vulnerabilities or misconfigurations were not addressed before deployment

52% container images fail scans with high severity* that leaves applications exposed to attacks*

Most container breaches are often undetected until it is too late

5 min container lifespan requires purpose-built tools for audit and incident response*

DevOps adds security and compliance into their workflow

Observability Functions

  • Monitor availabilityand performance
  • Manage capacityand cost
  • Troubleshoot issuesSecure


Maximize application availability

Security & Compliance Functions

  • Scan for vulnerabilities
  • Apply runtime policies
  • Triage security alerts
  • Speed up incidentresponse and forensics

Confidently Run Containers, Kubernetes and Cloud Services


  • Need to move to cloud faster
  • Poor visibility inside cloud
  • Inefficient DevOps processes
  • Cloud Security breaches
  • Current tooling challenges for cloudand containers


  • Need to move to cloud faster
  • Poor visibility inside cloud
  • Inefficient DevOps processes
  • Cloud Security breaches
  • Current tooling challenges for cloudand containers


  • Need to move to cloud faster
  • Poor visibility inside cloud
  • Inefficient DevOps processes
  • Cloud Security breaches
  • Current tooling challenges for cloudand containers

Required Capabilities

  • Need to move to cloud faster
  • Poor visibility inside cloud
  • Inefficient DevOps processes
  • Cloud Security breaches
  • Current tooling challenges for cloudand containers

Prioritize What Matters With No Guesswork

Sysdig Monitor collects metrics about your environment from our eBPF based agent, Kubernetes, Prometheus, integrations, cloud services, and custom metrics. We then correlate and enrich those metrics so you can get maximum visibility to ensure application availability, performance, and fast problem resolution. With a prioritized list of issues, out-of-the-box dashboards, easy-to-use alerts, and simple integrations you can start quickly and scale simply to get more done.

Based on Open Standards with No Black Boxes

Easily Integrate with other tools you use. Detect anomalies based on Falco, the cloud native standard for threat detection. Enforce consistent policies based on OPA, the cloud native standard for configurations. Maximize coverage with community-sourced detection rules that are easily customizable.

Falco is the open standard for runtime security.

The Open Policy Agent is an open source policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across the stack.

Cloud Custodian is an open-source rules engine for cloud configuration management.

Sysdig OSS is the standard for cloud and container forensics.

Deep Visibility Across Your DevOps Workflow

Get unified visibility across workloads and cloud infrastructure from a single cloud security and monitoring platform. Accurately alert on threats, operational issues and compliance risks and respond using a detailed activity record. Easily plug into your existing workflows with out-of-the-box integrations.



Infrastructure as Code Validation

  1. Block risky configs
  2. Auto-remediate at the source



Vulnerability Management

  1. Scan in CI/CD and registries
  2. Block risky images
  3. Prioritize vulns using runtime context



Configuration and Permission Management

  1. Detect cloud misconfigurations
  2. Enforce least privilege access
  3. Use OPA to apply consistent policies

Threat Detection

  1. Use Falco to detect threats, drift, config changes, and runtime vulns
  2. Implement K8s native microsegmentation




  1. Capture detailed record for forensics
  2. Remediate config issues
  3. Block malicious activity

Simple, powerful instrumentation

Single agent for hosts, containers, and Kubernetes. Continuous cloud security running locally in your account.

SaaS delivery

No infrastructure to manage. Scale quickly as your environment grows.

Curated workflowse name

Save time with out-of-the-box dashboards and curated policies powered by the community.

Sysdig Integrates with them

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